Rustic Safari is a small, family-run operation, proudly Tanzanian-owned. 

There's a word you'll hear a lot in East Africa, "Karibu." Karibu in Swahili means welcome, but it's so much more than that. It symbolizes African hospitality as a way of life, not just a formality. Africa is our home, we love it here, and for that reason we are proud and happy to invite you to experience its beauty.

We started Rustic Safari in order to provide more people with the opportunity to visit East Africa and see all it has to offer. We're dedicated to designing unique, off-the-beaten-path safaris so you can get the most out of your adventure. So Karibu, welcome home. 


Sylvester Henry

Sylvester is Rustic Safari's founder, lead guide, and general go-to guy for everything safari. He'll happily show you the sights in English, ou en français si vous préférez. A member of the Iraqw tribe, Sylvester grew up in a small village between Arusha and the Serengeti, and knows this region like the back of his hand. He has worked as a professional guide for 10 years, and is excited to show you the best of what East Africa has to offer. 


Joelle Veillette

Joelle Veillette is Sylvester's right-hand (wo)man and the administrative guru behind this operation. When she's not busy with her own NGO work, or taking care of she and Sylvester's baby boy, she's answering your emails and making sure your East African adventure goes off without a hitch. Elle vient du Québec, alors elle parle français, bien sûr! 


Peter Lorry

Peter is Sylvester's cousin and camp chef extraordinaire. Also hailing from the Iraqw tribe in the Karatu region, Peter has since moved to Arusha where he's been working as a chef for many of the city's tour operations. Ask nicely and he just might teach you his secret to making fresh bread on an open fire. 


Baby Jaya

Jaya, the team mascot, is a rapidly-expanding bundle of giggles who mostly just kicks his feet in the air and drinks a lot of milk. He's only a few months old so we're not really sure what his skillset is yet. But we're pretty sure he's going to be an astronaut. Or maybe a dancer.